Marriott Termite and Pest Control utilizes the Advance Termite Bait Station system. This system is used to both treat active termite infestations and also to monitor and prevent termites. The stations are inspected year round and baited if termites are found. The termites then take the bait back into the colony which in turn eliminates the colony.

Marriott's Termite Protection Plan

Termite Monitoring and Baiting Systems

Liquid Termite Treatment

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Your best defense against Termites is Marriott Termite and Pest Control

A Liquid Termite Treatment consists of injecting a termiticied into the soil around the entire property.  This forms a protective barrier that will kill termites before they gain access to the structure.

The termiticide is brought back into the colony resulting in full colony elimination. This service typically includes a one year warranty.

We offer a full line of termite treatment options that fit into almost any budget.

Our Termite Protection Plan is a stand alone service but can also be added to our other pest control services.

A monitoring and baiting system is installed around your property. The stations are inspected year round and if a termite colony is located, a liquid termiticide will also be used to eliminate the colony.

All for a low monthly fee.

  • Termites can consume about a foot of 2'x4' in a years time.
  • Termite infestations can cause over $8000 in damage to your home.
  • Termite Swarms can literally fill your home with thousands of winged termites.
  • Termites cost property owners over $5 Billion in damage every year.
  • They are a serious threat to your home or business.