Dogs are available and add a quick and sure way of detecting bed bugs.
They can search an area in minutes instead of hours.
Our dogs can be used to follow up a treatment and confirm the treatment has worked.
They are ideal for searching.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Marriott Termite and Pest Control stays up to date on the latest innovations in bed bug control.
We use chemicals that go undetected by the bed bugs and kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle.
Don't take chances with over the counter bed bug sprays. These sprays chase the bed bugs deeper into hiding which makes your bed bug problem even harder to gain control of.

Chemical Treatment

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Bed bugs can not survive in temperatures above 130ºF.
With our heat treatment service we bring the infested homes internal temperature up to around 150ºF and hold it there for six hours.
Furniture is moved several times during the treatment to ensure no cold spots form within the home.
Heat treatments can be used as a chemical free option or combined with the chemical treatment for the greatest success.

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Heat Treatment

One of the biggest pest issues we face today are bed bugs. Marriott Termite and Pest Control has the solution.



  • Rental properties
  • New home inspection
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools
  • Dorm rooms